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Oncology & Cancer

A sustainable diagnosis tool for multiple cancers

An accurate, affordable, environmentally and user-friendly diagnostic tool for multiple cancers—including pancreatic, gastric, and colorectal cancers—is reported in a paper in Nature Sustainability. The tool can diagnose ...


Bursts of beta rhythms implement cognitive control: Studying these bursts may improve understanding of cognition

Bursts of brain rhythms with "beta" frequencies control where and when neurons in the cortex process sensory information and plan responses. Studying these bursts would improve understanding of cognition and clinical disorders, ...

Medical research news


Follow-up finds landmark steroid study remains safe 50 years on

A study has found there are no adverse long-term cardiovascular health consequences for the now-adult children of mothers who were given corticosteroids because they were at risk of early birth in a landmark trial conducted ...

Oncology & Cancer

Improving cancer immunotherapy by prolonging T-cell survival

In the past decade, immunotherapy has emerged as the fourth pillar of cancer treatment, joining surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is an approved treatment for 15 cancers, including melanoma and some types of lymphomas ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

In psychedelic therapy, clinician-patient bond may matter most

Drug effects have dominated the national conversation about psychedelics for medical treatment, but a new study suggests that when it comes to reducing depression with psychedelic-assisted therapy, what matters most is a ...