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Psychology & Psychiatry

Researchers propose a holistic framework for studying social emotions

The crucial role of social emotions in our lives and in society cannot be overstated. Empathy, guilt, embarrassment, pride and other feelings we experience in the context of other people govern and motivate how we act, interact ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Specific support cells in brain can regulate behaviors involved in some human psychiatric disorders

UCLA Health researchers have discovered a group of specialized support cells in the brain that can regulate behaviors associated with human neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Oncology & Cancer

AI reveals prostate cancer is not just one disease

Artificial Intelligence has helped scientists reveal a new form of aggressive prostate cancer that could revolutionize how the disease is diagnosed and treated in the future.


How cognition changes before dementia hits

Individuals with mild cognitive impairment, especially of the "amnestic subtype" (aMCI), are at increased risk for dementia due to Alzheimer's disease relative to cognitively healthy older adults. Now, a study co-authored ...