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Simulations with actors prepare nurses for the demands of their profession

Now more than ever, it is essential that post-secondary nursing programs train students to deal with real-world scenarios. The sudden onset of COVID-19 has further highlighted the critical role nurses play in our health system. ...


Taming the sounds of a noisy hospital room

Hospitals can get noisy, especially intensive care units, and the life-saving electronic machines monitoring patient vital signs are making most of the racket.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

COVID-19 begins to exact toll on Cambodian farming

While Cambodia has been less affected by the health impacts of COVID-19, there are fears that smallholder farms will be hit hard during the wet season that runs from June to September as the fallout from restrictions and ...


Can illness make you less human?

"Darwin propagated the idea that humans are like other animals fighting for survival, but distinguished supposedly by our intellect. This logic makes it possible for some human lives to be seen as more valuable than others," ...

Medical research

Self-healing bone cement developed

Materials scientists at the University of Jena have developed a bone replacement based on calcium phosphate cement and reinforced with carbon fibers. The fibers increase damage tolerance and ensure that cracks in the material ...


Japan's 'Kawasaki disease' doctor dies at 95

The Japanese doctor who discovered the mysterious "Kawasaki's disease"—recently in the headlines for some similarities to coronavirus—has died of natural causes aged 95, his research NGO said Wednesday.