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Researchers review modern cases of leprosy

Leprosy has a history that has spanned centuries and societies across the globe. Yet, it continues to be a problem—even in the modern era. Sufferers from the chronic and infectious skin disease still face the social stigma ...

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The 'blue' in blueberries can help lower blood pressure

A new study published in the Journal of Gerontology Series A has found that eating 200g of blueberries every day for a month can lead to an improvement in blood vessel function and a decrease in systolic blood pressure in ...

What role should genetics research play in education?

As researchers learn more about the genes that shape a child's development – including traits of interest to parents and educators – these discoveries must not distract from the essential need for well-crafted policy ...

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When parenting teens, keep calm and don't carry on

The field of adolescent psychology is increasingly focused on parents, with researchers asking how mothers and fathers control themselves (and their rising anger) in difficult interactions with their children. As anyone who ...