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Japan PM proposes state of emergency over virus

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday the government plans to declare a state of emergency and proposed a stimulus package worth $1 trillion as new coronavirus infections spike in Tokyo and elsewhere.

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British PM hospitalised with coronavirus but 'still in charge'

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in hospital on Monday undergoing tests after suffering "persistent" symptoms of coronavirus for 10 days, but colleagues insisted he remains in charge of the government.

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Austria could start loosening lockdown from April 14: chancellor

Austria could start loosening its coronavirus lockdown measures from next week, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced at a press conference Monday, but warned this depended on citizens abiding by social distancing rules.

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Patients rush to join studies testing drug for coronavirus

The new coronavirus made Dr. Jag Singh a patient at his own hospital. His alarm grew as he saw an X-ray of his pneumonia-choked lungs and colleagues asked his wishes about life support while wheeling him into Massachusetts ...

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South Africa's TB, HIV history prepares it for virus testing

South Africa, one of the world's most unequal countries with a large population vulnerable to the new coronavirus, may have an advantage in the outbreak, honed during years battling HIV and tuberculosis: the know-how and ...

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Americans brace for 'hardest, saddest' week of their lives (Update)

Americans braced for what the nation's top doctor warned Sunday would be "the hardest and saddest week" of their lives while Britain assumed the unwelcome mantle of deadliest coronavirus hot spot in Europe after a record ...

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Fiber consumption linked to lower breast cancer risk

Consuming a diet high in fiber was linked with a reduced incidence of breast cancer in an analysis of all relevant prospective studies. The findings are published early online in Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American ...

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