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French doctor: Virus from China seems less serious than SARS

The lead doctor treating two Paris hospital patients for the new virus in China said Saturday that the illness appears less serious than comparable outbreaks of the past and that the chance of a European epidemic appears ...

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Hong Kong declares Wuhan virus outbreak an 'emergency'

Hong Kong on Saturday declared a new coronavirus outbreak as an "emergency"—the city's highest warning tier—as authorities ramped up measures to reduce the risk of further infections.

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Judging the gravity of the coronavirus outbreak

How serious is the coronavirus outbreak? What are its symptoms and how contagious is it? Experts studying the new virus, still have key questions to answer before they can assess its danger.

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From temples to Disneyland, China shuts down to halt virus

China has quarantined cities and shut major tourist attractions from Disneyland to the Forbidden City and a section of the Great Wall as it scrambles to stop a deadly SARS-like virus from spreading further.

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Can lithium halt progression of Alzheimer's disease?

There remains a controversy in scientific circles today regarding the value of lithium therapy in treating Alzheimer's disease. Much of this stems from the fact that because the information gathered to date has been obtained ...

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China virus outbreak revives calls to stop wildlife trade

The outbreak of a new virus linked to a wildlife market in central China is prompting renewed calls for enforcement of laws against the trade in and consumption of exotic species.

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Vast virus quarantine in China as cases emerge in Europe, S. Asia

A massive quarantine effort covering 13 cities was in effect in China on Saturday aimed at containing a deadly virus, as the death toll climbed to 26 and the first cases of the disease were reported in Europe and South Asia.

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